Ace Pelka Disconnected Youth Deck

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Produktnummer: A24-138-1

Ace Pelka – Disconnected Youth

L: 32.00" | W: 8.75" | WB: 14.25" | NOSE: 7.00” | TAIL: 6.50”

Ace Pelka's shape is built with a medium concave to provide a balance of board feel, while allowing mobility with foot placement.

7 Ply Canadian Maple
Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply
Unconventional street skater, best known for tight slappies and wall rides, seamless grinds, and stylish, all-terrain lines. Arbor is honoured to have Ace join their family and add his vision to Arbor's collective efforts. We hope you'll enjoy this taste of what Ace is all about and are excited at what's to come for this natural collaboration.

Size: 32 x 8.75 IN