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For over 100 years Tretorn has built a reputation of superior quality products. We strive for perfection in all we do. We add passion and push the boundaries of technical innovations to make our tennis balls perform and breathe quality. Quality for us is your experience.

Born out of Scandinavian weather, Tretorn has made a mark on many places on earth. Our products have been worn all around the world, at rainy streets in the city and in hazy desolated forests. Over the past 125 years, we’ve found new ways to develop new but sustainable products with a love of nature.

As one of the largest tennis racket manufacturers, we have continually redefined the racquet sports landscape by bringing to market innovative and forward-thinking products since 1970. We provide industry leading technology in athletic products that elevate the game of every individual both on and off the court.

Modern, feminine, functional, stylish. Lucky in Love creates a unique twist on traditional tennis apparel. At Lucky in Love we redefine tennis style for the modern-day woman. Bright colours, one of a kind patterns, and perfect fitting silhouettes, Lucky in Love brings you a contemporary design with a hip point of view. We strive to bring our customers the latest and greatest in design with each and every product we create.

inPhorm – the distinctive international collection of tennis, golf, yoga and other athleisure wear that debuted in 2008, has set the standard for stylish, feminine eco-forward active wear in the 21st Century. Luxurious performance fabrics combine with unmatched detail in construction to create comfortable, athletic and elegant garments.

Limited Sports stands for the highest quality in tennis. Highly functional fabrics are the guarantee for an above-average wearing comfort, even under extreme stress. Fresh colours and trendy designs reflect the latest fashion trends. Quality, functionality and fashion awareness – the perfect combination!

TIMELESS ELEGANCE ON THE COURT – High-quality tennis clothing has been one of FILA’s core skills for decades. Distinctive tennis polos and feminine tennis dresses shaped the look of the brand, and at the latest cooperation with player legend Björn Borg made the “F-Box logo” immortal on the court. Even today, FILA Tennis is right at the forefront of tennis fashion – with functional, distinctive collections in the best FILA tradition.

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